Our Story

SNIFF – A short story

SNIFF is embedded in the idea that there should be a clean and more natural alternative to keeping your beloved pet refreshed and healthy.

The founder of SNIFF began his journey at a very young age with a love for his dogs. He grew up in a home that always had a furry four legged family member wandering throughout the halls. His passion for animals sparked a romance later in life as he met his life partner at a dog park. His love of dogs led him to his next chapter which was opening up the first of many pet grooming spas. The idea was to provide a spa like experience for dogs and cats from people that truly loved animals. This is where the story really gets interesting. Our founder realized that many of the deodorizers contained a plethora of ingredients and chemicals that didn’t seem safe to put on his own skin, let alone the animals he loved. His crusade to find a more natural and less harmful alternative led him to create SNIFF!

SNIFF provides you with the ability to refresh your dog in the cleanest way possible. A pet refresher that has a total of 4 main ingredients. All of which you can spray on your own skin and not have to worry about an oily residue. SNIFF currently comes in a variety of scents that are sure to keep your fur baby smelling fresh!

SNIFF is currently available at specific pet spa locations and other affiliates. You can also order online to anywhere in Canada.